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About us

Baking memories for the special occasions

Following the success of our Butter and Cream Cakes stall on Guildford’s North Street Market, we opened our bakery in Milford in 2012.  15 years on our market stall is still a big part of our business.  

Each day at Butter and Cream Cakes bakery near Godalming, we create and make beautiful hand-made cupcakes and celebration cakes for any occasion. All our cakes are unique and individually iced and decorated in our own 'bonkers' style.  

We use the finest ingredients that your grandmother would recognise, baked in small batches to maintain our handmade quality and a little bit of our magic!

You can also find us at our Market Stall on North Street, Guildford every Friday and Saturday.  We're at the bottom of the market, 2nd stall, next to the Artisan Bread Stall come rain or shine!

If you would like a cake for a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion fill in all your details on our cake enquires page.

We love baking, it's the best job in the world!

"I’ve loved baking since I was a little girl, learning from my mum who was a brilliant cook and gardener.
We had such a lot of fun in the kitchen using our homegrown fruit and vegetables, out picking blackberries to make into jam and wine, collecting apples for the most delicious apple pie for Sunday lunch.

There was always homemade cake and biscuits in the tin, and warm scones when we came home from school. This is where my interest stemmed from and with a few exceptions, I have worked with food my whole life.  Butter and Cream is my happy place, making memories for the special occasions in our lives."   

Suke, Co-founder of Butter and Cream Cakes 

Butter and Cream Cakes Bakery, Milford, Surey
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